John Edmond's CD - Troopiesongs Complete  

John Edmond - Troopiesongs Complete

A double CD containing Troopiesongs Phases 1-4, brilliantly re-mixed with clear, superb sound quality. Includes such favourites as - "Forgotten Soldier", "The U.D.I. Song", "Green and White", "Ratpack Boogie", "The Whistlin' Troopie", "Roger was a mine dog", "Salisbury town", "The green leader theme", "Cammo clad angel", "Dad's army" and 39 other songs.

It is 50 years since the concept of TROOPIE SONGS was spawned when John Edmond was a young troopie in Rhodesia in 1956.

TROOPIE SONGS has been re-released  in an attractive souvenir package with a special endorsement from Mr. Ian Smith.


  1. I Wish I Was A Blue Job

  2. Forgotten Soldier

  3. Daddy Is A Trooper

  4. Jungle Green

  5. Flat Dog Blues

  6. The Battle Of Bembezi

  7. The U.D.I. Song

  8. A Soldiers Dream

  9. Green And White

  10. Trooper Thomas

  11. The Candle That Burns

  12. Shangani Patrol


  1. The Happy Safari

  2. Entertainer's Sharp Ens Blues

  3. Goodbye Not Goodnight

  4. Sling Your Slayer

  5. We Stand Alone

  6. The W.O.'s Gone All Disco

  7. Ratpack Boogie

  8. The Whistlin' Troopie

  9. For You Bob

  10. There's A Convoy Leaving

  11. The Gunship Calypso

  12. Back In The Sticks


  1. Sweet Banana

  2. Black Boots

  3. Pick Yourself Up

  4. When The Leaf Is On The Tree

  5. The Incredibles

  6. Roger Was A Mine Dog

  7. Warriors Bold

  8. In The Name Of Grey

  9. It Makes Me So Sad

  10. Salisbury Town

  11. Daisy

  12. Keep Your Head Down


  1. The Green Leader Theme

  2. Troopie Boy You Won

  3. Cammo Clad Angel

  4. You Ain't No Hero

  5. Sergeant Guy

  6. Mother A Lady

  7. George

  8. Let's Have A Hooley

  9. Dad's Army

  10. The Penhalonga Piper

  11. Nobody Was There

  12. Flesh And Bone Soldier

  13. The Last Word In Rhodesian

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