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John Edmond is somewhat of a legend around campfires from Zambia to Zululand and from Walvis Bay to Vilanculos. Singer, songwriter, entertainer, storyteller, author and bush pilot. He has been there, done it all and fantastically still does it! His musical career has taken him through the 60's, 70's pop, country and TV era's with 7 smash South Africa hits in a row. Along with Dave Mills, the only man in South Africa to ever do this. "Toy Train", "Pasadena", "Round and Around", the list is endless...
John is still very much on life's journey and is still as creative as ever -
he still writes, composes and performs!
He is an icon in Zimbabwe and to this day has dominated their charts. His Zimsongs CD was No 1 for the whole of 2001! John is also the creator of "Tales of the Game Rangers" Series — a 4 album set of bush songs and stories that are still selling steadily since their release in 1989.
Other well-known albums in campfire circles are "Circle of Life" (Long before Elton!) "Wild and Beautiful and Free" containing songs like "Jock of the Bushveld" (the original before the movies) and "Campfire 'n Jamboree" for Scouts and Guides.
John's CD "Born in Africa" has been selling internationally following his tours to the USA, U.K, Australasia and Zimbabwe. On it are stunning new songs along with revivals of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", "Skokiaan" and "Meadowlands". John has represented South Africa at the World Song festival in Tokyo, he is a regular at the International Game Rangers Convention held at Berg 'n Dal in the Kruger National Park and at almost every Rhodesian and Zimbabwe reunion held around the world.
John is at home in venues from Tokyo's Budokan Hall to Berg 'n Dal's outdoor boma, Bakobang Bush Lapa's to Mabula convention's.
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