Your songs ring out your praises
Their power floods our homes
Their words tear through my heart
As the whistling troopie walks again
And my tears dilute
The blood-red wine…. 

~ Chas Lotter

That's what poet CHAS LOTTER wrote about singer, songwriter, entertainer and storyteller JOHN EDMOND;

The man JOHN EDMOND has certainly walked the walk of life! Along the way, he has reflected and documented in song his many human stories, be they light-hearted or tragic relating to his involvement in THE RHODESIAN BUSH WAR and his life in THE AFRICAN BUSH. He has researched and written about the life, times and characters of THE EARLY SETTLERS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA, THE GREAT TREK, ZULU WAR, FRONTIER WARS, ANGLO BOER WARS & WORLD WARS.

Among the 500 plus songs, JOHN has written. There will be something for everyone from Children, Outdoors and Wildlife enthusiasts, HISTORIANS, Aviators, pop and even love songs!

Over 250 of the songs and lyrics are published in the songbook “BEHIND THE SONGS”

Read all about JOHN EDMOND his life story in his published autobiography – “BUSHCAT – Minstrel of the Wild” available in a hard copy or on e-books.

A site well worth investigating for the variety it offers in MUSIC!

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John Edmond's Famous Troopie Songs

Detailed Product Information: John Edmond - Troopiesongs

The footage is brilliantly edited into exciting sequences of song and action portraying the true meanings of the songs. Also includes a 30 min. interview with John featuring Interesting anecdotes and facts about his involvement in the Rhodesian Bush War and his life as a Troopie entertainer.

1. Green And White
2. I Wish I Was A Blue Job
3. Pick Yourself Up
4. Daisy
5. Green Leader
6. The Whistling Troopie
7. The Candle That Burns
8. A Soldiers Dream
9. The Gunship Calypso
10. George
11. Flat Dog Blues
12. It Makes Me So Sad